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How to Add Column Graph

This article is part of the Demo report guide on getting started with Telerik Reporting and demonstrates how to add a new graph which will display the top five stores per year and per quarter.

  1. Go to Insert > Bar > Clustered Bar.

  2. From Graph Wizard, drag StoreName to Categories, OrderDate to Series, and Sum(LineTotal) to Values.

  3. Sort and filter the series groups and the category groups. You can also set specific colors through the Color palette option.

    Set the series groups in the folowing way:

    • Grouping: =Quarter(Fields.OrderDate)

    • Sorting: =Quarter(Fields.OrderDate) ASC

    Set the cetagories grpups in the following way:

    • Filtering:

      • Expression: =Sum(Fields.LineTotal)

      • Operator: Top N

      • Value: =5

    • Sorting: =Quarter(Fields.OrderDate) ASC

Previewing the Result

Preview the result by clicking Preview > PrintPreview.


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