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The Views service (formerly Screen Builder) is a visual tool which helps you quickly create your app views and navigation, connect to data sources, and all that in a code-free, visual interface.

To try it out, create a new Hybrid or NativeScript mobile app or choose one of the templates available in the Advanced section when creating an app.

The Progress Telerik Platform samples and some templates are not compatible with the Views service (formerly Screen Builder) and you won't be able to open them in the Views service. In such cases, you will be notified with a message. The supported templates are marked with a special icon - a pencil on a note.

After creating an app compatible with the Views service, you will be taken to the Views service UI, where you will be able to add views, configure navigation types, set up data providers, choose a theme for your app (currently applicable only to Hybrid apps) or even develop your own view templates.

The Views service takes a different approach from many other tools. As you make changes, your app source code is automatically updated. The app you see displayed on the right-hand side of the screen is not just a prototype of your app, it is your actual app running in the Progress AppBuilder simulator or a fully functional preview when creating a Native app.

Let's get started! Happy screen building!

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