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Cannot See Bottom of Screen on Windows Phone Devices


Service Code (AppBuilder)
Feature Run on Device
Mobile development type Hybrid (Apache Cordova app)
Mobile OS Windows Phone
Mobile OS version 8.1+


When you run your hybrid app on a Windows Phone device that has software buttons (on-screen navigation), you may notice that the software buttons cover the bottom of the app screen. In Kendo Hybrid UI apps with TabStrip navigation, the TabStrip is partially or completely covered.


The Windows Phone 8.0 SDK, used by default in Telerik Platform apps, cannot detect the height that the software buttons take up and the screen height is incorrectly calculated to a higher number than what is available. When this happens, contents at the end of a view are placed behind the software buttons.


You can fix this problem by updating your project SDK to 8.1. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Properties page of your project.
  2. Select the Windows Phone tab.
  3. Under SDK Version, select 8.1.
  4. Save and re-deploy your project directly on the Windows Phone device, without using the Cordova Developer App.

The 8.1 SDK correctly calculates the available screen size and all app contents are visible.

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