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AppBuilder Cloud Builds Cannot Produce x86 Android Packages


Service Code (AppBuilder)
Mobile development type Hybrid (Apache Cordova app)
Mobile OS Android


Telerik Platform applications with plugins that have native code, such as Crosswalk, Couchbase-Lite and others, cannot be deployed on Android devices and emulators that use x86 CPU architecture.


At this stage AppBuilder produces only ARMv7a versions of the built applications.


No verified solution available. Check the suggested workarounds instead.

Suggested Workarounds

  1. Download the Archs Cordova plguin from GitHub as a ZIP file.
  2. Import it as a custom plugin to your project.
  3. Rebuild the application.

Now you should be able to deploy your project to Android devices and emulators which use x86 CPU ABI.


The Telerik Platform team is working on a fix for this issue. It will be included in a future Telerik AppBuilder release.

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