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Kendo UI Native Scrolling Stopped Working on Android


Service Code (AppBuilder)
Mobile development type Hybrid (Cordova app)
Mobile OS Android
Android System WebView version 55.0.2883.91


After updating the Android System Web View, Kendo UI native scrolling stopped working. In apps using Kendo Hybrid UI, you cannot scroll views and ListView widgets when native scrolling is enabled.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a Cordova app from one of the Kendo templates.
  2. Set data-use-native-scrolling="true" in one of the View definitions.
  3. Add a ListView to this view that has more content than can fit in the viewport.
  4. Deploy the app on an Android device.

Instead of being able to scroll down to the end of the list, the ListView scroll is locked.


The latest version of the Android System WebView introduced changes that interfered with the Kendo UI implementation for handling user touch actions. This caused a bug in the native scrolling of apps using Kendo Hybrid UI.


There is already a fix in Kendo UI that addresses the broken scrolling. To apply it, install Kendo UI version 2016.3.1216 using the AppBuilder Package Manager.


The 2016.3.1216 release of Kendo UI is an internal build, so it is recommended that you test your app thoroughly before submitting it to the app stores with this version of Kendo UI installed.

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