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Application.Title in Email Template is Wrong


Service Telerik Platform, Backend Services Notifications


After changing the application name in Telerik Platform portal, the old name is still appearing in all automated emails. This would happen also in all templates where the {{Application.Title}} is used. The old application name also appears in "Backend Services usage details" dashboards in Telerik Platform.


The {{Application.Title}} takes its name after the initial name of the app in Telerik Platform. The value in this field remains unchanged when you modify the app name from the Telerik Platform UI.


You can change the name programmatically:

  • Locate the app in Telerik Platform and then obtain its App ID and Master Key as explained here
  • Send the following request to change the backend project title of your app and thus influence the {{Application.Title}}. You may use a simple HTTP tool like Postman, Fiddler, cURL, etc. to send the request. Replace the placeholders for the actual App Id and Master Key values:
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: masterkey <actual-master-key>
    "Name": "NewName", // no spaces allowed in Name
    "Title": "New Name" // spaces are allowed in Title

The backend app Name and Title should now be changed.

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