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  • How to Save Images to the Device Photo Gallery

How to Save Images to the Device Photo Gallery


Service Code (AppBuilder)
Feature Run on Device
Mobile development type Hybrid (Apache Cordova app)
Mobile OS iOS, Android


When your app downloads an image on the user device, the image does not appear in the device photo gallery. This happens because the image is usually stored in the app sandbox or another private directory. Also, on Android, the app needs to trigger the OS media scanner in order to index the images in the gallery.


You can use a custom plugin to save the image in the device photo gallery. One such plugin is SaveImage. To use this plugin in your app, follow the steps below:

  1. Import the plugin in your AppBuilder project.
  2. Download your image, using the File Transfer core plugin.
  3. Use the saveImageToGallery method of the SaveImage plugin to copy the image to the device photo gallery.

You can find a fully functional sample project, demonstrating this approach here: ImageToGallery Sample.

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