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  • How to Import Wikitude Plugin in Telerik Platform App

How to Import Wikitude Plugin in Telerik Platform App


Service Code (AppBuilder)
Feature Import Plugins
Plugin(s) Augmented Reality - Wikitude SDK Plugin
Mobile development type Hybrid (Apache Cordova app)


The Wikitude SDK Plugin used to be a part of the Telerik Verified Marketplace, which lets developers easily import plugins that have been confirmed to work in Telerik Platform. However, due to specifics in the plugin implementation, it cannot be correctly integrated in your app if added from the marketplace. That is why the plugin was removed from the marketplace but you can still easily add it to your app as a custom plugin.


To add the Wikitude SDK Plugin in AppBuilder and configure it correctly, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Augmented Reality - Wikitude SDK Plugin repository and download the plugin as a ZIP file.
  2. Import the Wikitude plugin as a custom plugin.
  3. Follow the instructions for obtaining a license key in the Wikitude documentation.
  4. In the AppBuilder solution explorer, navigate to Plugins/wikitude-cordova-plugin-master/www and open WikitudePlugin.js.
  5. Copy your license key to the _sdkKey variable:

    this._sdkKey = "ENTER-YOUR-KEY-HERE";

    Now, you can use the plugin in your app.


Keep in mind that custom plugins only work in apps that are deployed directly on a device. You cannot test the Wikitude SDK plugin using the Cordova Developer App.

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