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How to Capture Fiddler Trace


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This article provides the general steps for capturing HTTP/HTTPS traffic with Fiddler and saving it as a log file on your local machine. When you submit reports for Telerik Platform related issues, the support engineers are very likely to request a detailed Fiddler log to aid them in the investigation of the issue.

IMPORTANT: When started, Fiddler captures all HTTP and HTTPS traffic, including some sensitive information. Do not share Fiddler logs outside of the private support communication channels (e.g., support tickets).


  1. Download Fiddler from here and install it.
  2. Run Fiddler and go to Tools -> Fiddler Options.
  3. On the HTTPS page, verify that Capture HTTPS Connects is enabled.
  4. Verify that Decrypt HTTPS traffic is enabled with the ...from all processes option.
  5. Minimize Fiddler to tray.
  6. Replicate the reported issue.
  7. In Fiddler, go to File -> Save -> All Sessions and save the archive to disk.

This will produce a SAZ file, which you will be able to archive and share with the Telerik Platform support personnel.


If the produced Fiddler log doesn't contain HTTPS traffic records, make sure that the Fiddler Root certificate is trusted on your machine.

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