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For new apps, the Views service is automatically enabled if you have created the app from the quick create option or by using a Kendo UI template.

For existing apps, you can attempt to enable Views, if not enabled. However, if the Code for your app is already enabled, you might not be able to enable Views.

IMPORTANT: Changes to the code of your app might disable the Views service. For more information how to created Views-compatible code, see How To Add And Keep Custom Code Changes In Your App.


  • Verify that you have selected Telerik Platform at and you have provided your login credentials at the Login to Telerik Platform page.
  • Verify that you have switched to the account in which you want to develop your app.
  • Verify that you hold the Administrator or Developer role for the account.
  • If you want to enable Views for an existing app, verify that Code is not enabled.


Enable Views for a New App

Create your app from the quick create options or from a Kendo UI template. For more information about how to create an app, see Create New App.

Enable Views in an Existing App

  1. Open your app.
  2. Click Views.
  3. Click Enable Views.

This operation automatically enables Code for the app.

Next Steps

Configure your code for collaboration.

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