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Enable Data, Users, Notifications or Business Logic

Telerik Platform lets you develop complex cloud backend for your mobile app, including data management, user management, notifications and server-side code in your app.

  • With Data (also Backend Services), you can create and manage the data for your app and you can store and retrieve files and images.
  • With Users (also Backend Services), you can manage the authentication and authorization for the users of your app.
  • With Notifications (also Backend Services), you can manage SMS, push and email notifications for your app.
  • With Business Logic (also Backend Services), you can implement and manage additional server-side code for your app.

To be able to use any of these services, you need to enable your app for them.

Once enabled, these services cannot be disabled for the app.


  • Verify that you have selected Telerik Platform at and you have provided your login credentials at the Login to Telerik Platform page.
  • Verify that you have switched to the account in which you want to develop your app.
  • Verify that you hold the Administrator or Developer role for the account.


  1. Open your app.
  2. Enable the services that you want to use for your app from the left-hand menu for your app.
    1. To enable Data, in the left-hand menu, click Data and click:
      • Enable Data to enable the service in a clean state.
      • Enable and use sample data to enable the service and create a set of content types, content type object, and files necessary to run the Friends sample app.
    2. To enable Users, in the left-hand menu, click Users and click Enable Users.
    3. To enable Notifications, in the left-hand menu, click Notifications and click Enable Notifications.
    4. To enable Business Logic, in the left-hand menu, click Business Logic and click Enable Business Logic.

Next Steps

Connect your Code to your backend using any of the following Backend Services interfaces:

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