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Enable Analytics

With Analytics, you can track various usage statistics for your application and determine usage patterns, log exceptions, trace problems and monitor performance.

To use this service in your application, you need to enable it for your app and then implement it in your code. As a step in the implementation, you need to enable and configure the Analytics plugin.

Once enabled, this service cannot be disabled for the app.


  • Verify that you have selected Telerik Platform at and you have provided your login credentials at the Login to Telerik Platform page.
  • Verify that you have switched to the account in which you want to develop your app.
  • Verify that you hold the Administrator or Developer role for the account.


  1. Open your app.
  2. Enable the Analytics service for your app.
    1. In the left-hand menu for your app, click Analytics.
    2. Click Enable Analytics.
  3. Click Code.
  4. In the Project Navigator, double-click Plugins.
  5. Click Install from Plugins Marketplace.
  6. Select the Telerik Analytics plugin.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Review and modify the suggested configuration and click Done.

Next Steps

Implement analytics tracking in your application.

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