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Subscription in Telerik Platform

Your current subscription plan determines the app and account seat quota for your team, the available level of support, the bandwidth, data tracking and storage limitations for your apps and customers, and your access to a number of advanced features such as Active Directory integration, email customization, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and others.

As the Account owner you can manage your license to meet the development needs of your team and the usage and performance needs of your customers. You can upgrade, downgrade, renew, and cancel your subscription plan and enhance it with data plans and account seats. If the Account owner has enabled this option for you, you can submit support tickets and view the support tickets of the other account members.

When your account is created, Telerik Platform automatically signs you up for the 30-day Telerik Platform Trial. The trial provides access to the complete set of features available to Enterprise users. After the trial expires, Telerik Platform switches to restricted operation. For large scale development, you can add data bundles and account seats by purchasing any of the available Telerik Platform bundles.

For more information about the Trial, the subscription plans, and additional data bundles available for purchase, see Upgrade your subscription.

Subscription Definitions in Telerik Platform

When you manage your subscription plan in Telerik Platform, the following definitions apply.

  • Account: Each account is associated with one subscription plan. Only one Telerik Platform user can own the account but multiple Telerik Platform can be account members and licensed users for the subscription.
  • Account owner: The Account owner is the account member who created the account. Only the Account owner can manage the account subscription.
  • Account member: An account member is any Telerik Platform licensed user who takes up an available account seat in the subscription. You cannot add new account members if you do not have a matching number of free account seats. The term account member is interchangeable with the term licensed user.
    Based on the role and permissions, an account member can submit support tickets and access the download resources for Telerik Platform.
  • Account seat: When you add an account member, the user consumes an account seat from your subscription plan. When you purchase account seats, you purchase licenses that you can assign to Telerik Platform users by inviting them as account members. Account seats are reusable and transferable. At any time, you can remove an account member to free an account seat. At any time, you can remove an account seat if you no longer need it.
  • Licensed user: A licensed user is any Telerik Platform user who is added as an account member to your account. The term account member is interchangeable with the term licensed user.

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