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Application Development with Telerik Platform

With the wide range of sample apps and the many online and offline tools in Telerik Platform, you can start the development of your mobile apps in a few minutes.

What is it

Telerik Platform is a modular platform for cross-platform mobile app development that integrates a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services. This end-to-end development and project management solution provides tools and services for every stage of your application lifecycle for cross-platform mobile apps.

Telerik Platform integrates Views, Code, Data, Users, Notifications, Business Logic, Analytics, Feedback and Distribution services to help you solve the challenges of designing, building, connecting, testing, deploying, managing, publishing and measuring your applications.

The Interactive Tutorials

Telerik Platform provides interactive guides for new and returning users. These tutorials introduce you to the basic concepts of cross-platform mobile development and to the Telerik Platform services.

The tutorials are available via Getting Started -> Interactive Tutorials from the top right corner on your Telerik Platform home page.

To learn more about the interactive tutorials, see The Interactive Tutorials.

The Sample Apps

To get started quickly with Telerik Platform, you can download any of the sample applications, review their code base in any compatible tool and run them on a device or in a simulator.

Telerik Platform provides a selection of hybrid, NativeScript and native samples which you access from the Samples.

The Tools, SDKs and Services

Telerik Platform provides an integrated cloud environment for development and a wide range of SDKs for your preferred environment.

When using the integrated cloud environment for development (AppBuilder), you can choose between an in-browser client, a universal desktop client, a classic Windows client, an extension for Visual Studio, a command-line interface and a package for Sublime Text. AppBuilder lets you develop cross-platform mobile apps using Apache Cordova or NativeScript. For more information about how to choose the right development approach for your business case, see Hybrid or NativeScript—Choosing the Path for You.

When using a third-party development environment, you can download a number of SDKs, frameworks and UI controls that let you consume the Telerik Platform services and create compelling user interfaces for native mobile apps and web or desktop applications.

You can download development tools and resources from the Downloads Section.

To get started with hybrid mobile development in Telerik Platform, see the following resources.

To get started with NativeScript mobile development in Telerik Platform, see the following resources.

To get started with the services of Telerik Platform, see the following resources.


You can use the scaffolding, development, analytics, backend, testing, publishing, feedback and project management tools to create, publish and maintain your applications either as an individual or in collaboration with other Telerik Platform users.

To let you manage and contribute to large scale development efforts, in Telerik Platform, multiple users can access and collaborate in a single account. Each account member holds a predefined role—an Administrator, a Developer or a Content Editor. Based on the role, a user might or might not be able to view, edit or manage your apps.

By default, the Account owner is also an Administrator and takes an account seat. If the Account owner does not hold an active development role, any Administrator can free the seat assigned to the Account owner and assign it to another member. This prevents the Account owner from working with the development resources of Telerik Platform but the owner can still manage the subscription and the account members.

To get started with collaboration in Telerik Platform, see the following resources.

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