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Accounts, Users and Members

Telerik Platform provides a complete toolset for development of cross-platform mobile apps. You can use the development, analytics, backend, testing, publishing, feedback and project management tools to create, publish and maintain your applications either as an individual or in collaboration with other Telerik Platform users.

One Login—One User

Telerik Platform associates your user with your login credentials. When you log in for the first time, you are added to an existing account to which you have been invited or Telerik Platform creates a new account for you and assigns you as the account owner.

Each user can be a member of multiple accounts.

One User—Multiple Accounts

To ease collaboration and project management, in Telerik Platform, a single user can be a member of multiple accounts. You can quickly switch between the accounts you are a member of without logging out and in to change users.

In Telerik Platform, each account is associated with its owner. The owner is the user who creates the account and purchases the subscription plan.

One Account—Multiple Members

To let you manage and contribute to large scale development efforts, in Telerik Platform, multiple users can access and collaborate on a single account. Users that can access an account are account members.

Each user is a member of at least one account. Each account can have only one Account owner. An account member can assume the Administrator, a Developer or a Content Editor role.

Each account has a quota for the available account seats. By default, each account member, including the Account owner, takes up an available account seat. If the Account owner does not hold an active development role, any Administrator can free the seat assigned to the Account owner and assign it to another member. This prevents the Account owner from working with the development resources of Telerik Platform but the owner can still manage the subscription and the account members.

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