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To develop, test and analyze your applications in Telerik Platform, you need access to an account. You can join an existing account or create your own account.

When the Account owner or the Administrator invites you to join an account, Telerik Platform sends you an email invitation to log in and join the account. When you log in, Telerik Platform adds you to the existing account as a member with the role appointed by the Account owner or the Administrator.

You can join an account as an Administrator, Developer or Content Editor. At any time, the Account owner and the Administrators can change your role.

You can join multiple accounts.


  • The Account owner or the Administrator must invite you to join the account.


If this is your first login, Telerik Platform automatically redirects you to the account you have joined.

If you are already an Account owner or an account member of another account, Telerik Platform prompts you that you can access a new account and lets you select the account context in which to continue your work.

Next Steps

Explore and develop in your new account or switch to another account.

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