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Defining a Geo Point

Defining a Geo Point

You can define a Geo Point in several different ways, including as an object or as an array. It is important to observe the value order.

A GeoPoint can be described in several ways:

//An object with longitude and latitude properties
//The property order is important
Location = {
    longitude: 30,
    latitude: 50
//An array with 2 numbers representing [ longitude, latitude ] Location = [ 30, 50 ]
//Any other object with 2 number values.
//Property NAMES are ignored and ONLY the ordering is taken into account. (longitude, latitude). Location = { x : 30, y: 50 } Location = { lon: 30, y: 50 }

The bounds for the longitude in the GeoPoint are [-180, 180] and for latitude are [-90, 90].

Note: While these are the possible values, the valid values for latitude on spherical coordinate system are between -90° and 90°.

The no point value for a Geo Point field is null.

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