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Getting Started with Data

Getting Started with Data

Using the data store provided by Telerik Platform begins with creating a content type. Content types are sets of data items that have a similar structure.

By creating a content type you are also defining a powerful RESTful services layer which you can consume in the client app.

In this article you will learn how to create a content type in Telerik Platform.

Steps at a glance:

  1. Create a Content Type
  2. Add Fields
  3. Create Your First Data
  4. Get the App ID for Your App
  5. Test the RESTful Endpoint


Create a Content Type

Open your Telerik Platform app and navigate to Data > Types. Click the Create a Content Type button.

Create types overview image

Add Fields

You will see the Create a content type dialog. Enter a name for your content type.

A content type has some predefined fields in its structure for better administration of the data. You can extend the structure of a content type with additional fields. When you finish defining or editing the structure of a type, click the Save button. You will see the data browser screen for the newly created content type.

Create a content type and fields image

Create Your First Data

You can create your first data item directly from the UI portal. Ensure that the data browser is showing your newly created content type and then click the Add an Item button. Fill in the input fields on the right. Click Save when you are ready.

Create a data item image

Get the App ID for Your App

The App ID is the unique identifier of your Telerik Platform app. You can find it in Settings. It is needed to connect your client app to your Telerik Platform data store.

Get the App ID of your App

You are now ready to connect your client app to data using the various Backend Services client SDKs or any other programming framework.

Test the RESTful Endpoint

With the App ID and the content type name you can call a unique endpoint that exposes a full CRUD functionality over the content type— Test it in your browser or with your favorite tool for making HTTP requests.

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