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Creating a Data Connector

You can create a Data Connector to SQL databases using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) if you log in to the Telerik Platform portal. The creation process includes specifying connection information such as network address and connection string.

You need to create a Data Connector for each SQL database that you want to expose to the cloud.

To create a new Data Connector in your app using the Telerik Platform portal, click Data > Data Connectors in the left navigation pane and then click the database type that you want to connect to.

You need to supply the following information:

  • Name—A name that helps you identify the Data Connector.
  • Data Link Server URL—the public IP address or domain name of your Data Link Server, for example
  • Connection string—the database-specific connection string, for example:;DatabaseName=Accounts;user=telerik;password=123456

Create a Data Connector image

Before creating the Data Connector, you have the option to test the connection. The Test button checks whether Telerik Platform can connect to the specified SQL database using the specified connection string.

Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server with Windows Authentication

If you are creating a Data Connector to a Microsoft SQL Server instance that is set up to use Windows Authentication you need to include an additional parameter in your connection string.

Append the following to your connection string: ;LoadLibraryPath=C:\DataLinkServerPath\lib

For example:


For Windows Authentication to work you need to ensure either of the following:

  • The Data Link Server and the Microsoft SQL Server instance are running on the same machine with the same Windows user account.
  • If the services are running on different machines, the user account that is running the Data Link Server can log in to Microsoft SQL Server.

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