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EventQuery [class]


A query which is passed in the 'beforeExecute' event of Everlive. Allows changing the parameters of a query before executing it.


Instance members

Name Return type Description
cancel() Cancels the query.
contentTypeName The name of the content type, e.g. EmailSubcrbers.
data The query data which will be send to the server.
expand An expand expression definition.
fields A fields expression definition.
filter A filter expression definition.
headers The query headers which will be send with the HTTP request.
isCanceled() boolean Indicates whether the query has been canceled.
isSync Indicates whether the query is a synchronization query. Used with Offline Support.
itemId The Id of the item.
operation The type of the operation--read, write, update, delete.
powerfields A power fields expression.
settings A custom settings object.
settings An object allowing to modify the settings of the EventQuery.
skip The number of result items to skip. Used for paging.
sort A sort expression definition.
take The number of result items to take. Used for paging.
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