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Introduction to Stored Procedures

Introduction to Stored Procedures

Using the Telerik Platform Data Connectors you can access stored procedures (functions, reports) kept in your SQL database or Salesforce application. More specifically, you can map an HTTP endpoint to a stored procedure that you can later use to execute the code.

This allows you to integrate your client app with external systems and multiple data providers, to generate reports, and to perform other data management tasks.

You have two options for working with stored procedures: using the Telerik Platform web portal or using the Backend Services RESTful API.


Working with stored procedures relies on the Telerik Platform Data Connectors feature. You need to have a Data Link Server installed (SQL Data Connectors only) as well as a Data Connector configured to connect to your data. See Introduction to Data Connectors for more information.

Support for stored procedures is only available in the latest release of the Java-based Data Link Server. Follow the upgrade instructions for Linux or Windows to install it. If you are running the .NET version, consider migrating to the Java version.


Each HTTP endpoint that you create for a stored procedure allows you to use:

  • Unlimited amount of input, output and input/output parameters (not applicable to Salesforce)
  • Any type of input, output and input/output parameters (not applicable to Salesforce)
  • Role-based permissions to control who can execute stored procedures
  • JSON-formatted result structure

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