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Limitations of Scheduled Jobs

Limitations of Scheduled Jobs

Executing business logic on a schedule is subject to certain specifics when compared to unscheduled execution. These include both subscription and technological restrictions.

Subscription Features

The maximum number of schedules jobs per app and the minimum recurrence interval may be subject to your Telerik Platform subscription. The quota applies to the total amount of jobs you have, independent of whether they are enabled or disabled.

Types of Business Logic That You Can Schedule

Existing Cloud Functions can be scheduled directly. All other business logic routines, such as stored procedures or Salesforce reports from Data Connectors, can be scheduled by first creating a Cloud Function that calls them.

For example:

Everlive.CloudFunction.onRequest(function(request, response, done) {
    var url = '';
    var options = {};
    // configure the options here, options, function(err, response) {
        if (err) {
        } else {

For more information see Making HTTP Requests from Cloud Code.

Execution Time Limit

Scheduled Cloud Functions have an increased timeout of 60 seconds which compares to the 15 seconds timeout of unscheduled execution. This means that the Cloud Function will be terminated if its execution has not completed within 60 seconds of its start.

Using Parameterized Cloud Functions

Currently Cloud Functions used in scheduled jobs cannot receive parameters when used in a scheduled run.

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