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Executing Operations Using Master Key Authorization

Executing Operations Using Master Key Authorization

The master key is typically used for administrative purposes such as resetting user passwords and changing permissions. Some operations can only be executed with the master key.

To execute one or more operations against Telerik Platform using master key authorization, you need to initialize an Everlive instance with the masterKey constructor parameter. Set it to your application's master key as follows:

var everlive = new Everlive({ appId: "your-app-id", scheme: "https", masterKey: "your-master-key"});

You must remove any bearer authentication tokens that you might have on the device before using master key authorization. Another option is using a different Everlive instance for your master key-authenticated requests.

Executing Operations Using Master Key Authentication in Cloud Code

The Cloud Code JavaScript SDK provides an useful way to create an Everlive instance with master key authentication. For more information see the following articles:

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