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All Platforms: Common Reasons for Failing Push Notifications

All Platforms: Common Reasons for Failing Push Notifications

When sending push notifications there might be a lot of reasons why they are not reaching your users. This article lists the most common reasons that are applicable to all supported platforms.

Q: How do I find out what is the reason for not receiving push notifications?

A: Check the failure message.

When push notifications are failing, your first step is to check what is the failure message in the Telerik Platform portal. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Telerik Platform app.
  2. Click Notifications > Push Notifications > Push Browser.
  3. In the table, select the push notification that wasn't received (it will show under 100% in the browser).

    At the top of the details pane, you see a Errors occurred while sending this push notification box that shows the number of failed devices.

  4. Click View Details for failed to see the reason for the failure.

Once you have the error message and the platform of the failing push notifications, refer to the platform-specific troubleshooting articles:

Q: What does the "The account quota is limited for this operation" server error mean?

A: This error may be due to a subscription limitation.

More specifically, you receive this error when you are trying to segment an audience of a push notification with a filter while the "Push to Segments" feature is not included in your current subscription.

To overcome the problem, upgrade your subscription or remove the "Filter" field from the payload that you are sending to the server.

Q: What does the "You can only send a push notification by specifying a strict filter. Alternatively, you can send a push notification without a strict filter by using master authentication." server error mean?

A: This error is due to the push notification security settings in your Telerik Platform app.

The sending control restrictions have been triggered. To overcome the problem, adjust the preferred sending control settings as explained in Security of Push Notifications.

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