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Table of Registration Object Fields

Table of Registration Object Fields

A device registration describes a single device that has been registered for push notifications in your Telerik Platform application. The object that represents the registration contains required system properties such as token, device model, operating system type, time zone, etc. as well as custom parameters that you have added during registration.

You can view all device registrations by going to your app in the Telerik Platform portal and selecting Notifications > Push Notifications > Devices. For reading the current device registration programmatically, see Reading a Device Registration. Through master key authentication, you can also read other registrations using a RESTful call.

The full list of fields is presented in the next table. All fields are required except for Parameters. The IsActive and UserId fields are automatically set on the server.

Field Name Field Type Description
PushToken string A push token issued by the vendor's push notifications service. It is used to send notifications to the device for which it is issued.
HardwareId string Uniquely identifies the mobile device.
HardwareModel string The model of the device, e.g. "Nokia Lumia 920".
PlatformType integer An enumeration value specifying the platform vendor. Possible values: 1 (WindowsPhone); 2 (Windows); 3 (Android); 4(iOS).
PlatformVersion string A string representing the OS version that the device is running.
Locale string The locale of the device at registration time. Locales represent language/country code combinations such as en, en-CA, fr-FR, etc.
TimeZone string The device's time zone at registration time in IANA format. If no time zone is specified then "Etc/UTC" is assumed.
TimeZoneOffset integer Difference to UTC in hours.
UserId Guid A user account ID associated with the device registration.
IsActive boolean Specifies whether the registration is active. If the registration is inactive, no push notifications will be sent to the device. A device is marked as inactive when its token is declared invalid by the vendor's push notifications service.
Parameters object An object containing custom parameters to be included in the device registration.

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