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NativeScript and the Backend Services JavaScript SDK

In NativeScript apps, you can use the Backend Services JavaScript SDK to connect to the Telerik Platform backend services.

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Integrating in a NativeScript Core Application

When building your app with NativeScript Core which only uses JavaScript, you can choose to integrate the SDK either by installing an npm package or downloading a ZIP file.

  1. Source the Backend Services JavaScript SDK as explained in Getting Started with the JavaScript SDK.
  2. Require the Backend Services JavaScript SDK.

    // If installed as an npm package
    var Everlive = require('everlive-sdk');
    // If downloaded in the project's app folder
    var Everlive = require('./everlive/min/everlive.all.min');
  3. Initialize the Backend Services JavaScript SDK to start using it.

    var el = new Everlive({
        appId: 'your-app-id',
        scheme: 'https'

Integrating in a NativeScript and Angular Application

In NativeScript applications based on Angular which use TypeScript, the following code imports and initializes the Backend Services JavaScript SDK. It exports a class called BackendService, an instance of which you can use to access the SDK features. Optionally, you can create a member called query() for easier access to the SDK Query class.

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import Everlive from 'everlive-sdk';

export class BackendService {
    private _everlive: Everlive;

    constructor() {
        const options = {
            appId: 'your-app-id',
            scheme: 'https'

        this._everlive = new Everlive(options);

    get instance() {
        return this._everlive;

    // Optional
    get query() {
        return new Everlive.Query();

Also take into account the information in Using TypeScript Definitions. Not referencing the definitions properly may lead to a compile error.


Using the Backend Services JavaScript SDK in a NativeScript app has the following limitations:

  • File upload—supported only in base64 format. For more details see the following documentation article: Upload Files in base64 Format.
  • Kendo UI—the Kendo UI section is irrelevant to NativeScript applications.
  • You need the Push Plugin for NativeScript to enable push notifications.

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