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Troubleshooting Caching

Troubleshooting Caching

Refer to the topic inside this article if you need help with resolving difficulties with setting up and using the Backend Services JavaScript SDK caching feature.

Storage Space is Not Recovered after Clearing the Cache

Possible Cause: Offline Mode is Enabled

Detailed Description

Cached items used by offline mode cannot be cleared if it is enabled. In this case only caching metadata is cleared which amounts to very little in terms of storage space.

If you need to free up storage space, take any of these approaches:

  • Invoke offlineStorage.purgeAll

    This also clears all data stored by Offline Support

  • Disable offline mode and then invoke cache.clearAll

Possible Cause: You Have Changed the Storage Path

Detailed Description

This issue can appear when you change the of an Everlive instance. Invoking cache.clearAll for the updated instance will not clear any cache content stored in the previous path.

To clear orphaned cache content, change back the value of and execute cache.clearAll or offlineStorage.purgeAll.

Query Results Contain Partial Objects

Possible Cause: The Result of a "Subset of Fields" Query Was Cached

Detailed Description

If a subset of fields has been previously requested using the select() method, then the cache contains partial objects. Future requests that are addressed by the cache will consequently return the same partial objects.

To get the complete object, requests it using the ignoreCache() method.

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