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Registering Users

Registering Users

In Telerik Platform there are two different ways to register a user. The first and most standard is to register the user directly, supplying username, password and any other profile information you need. The second is to use one of the supported third-party OAuth 2.0 providers, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Account. Both ways are described below.

Register with Telerik Platform

Registering a user is quite straightforward. A user has only two required properties: Username and Password. Please note, that those two properties are case-sensitive(when using the RESTful API).

  • The username must be unique for the application.
  • By default, anonymous users can register (create) users. This can be changed if necessary.
  • The user will be registered with the default role for the application.
EVUser *newUser = [[EVUser alloc]init];
[newUser setUsername:@"jSmith"];
[newUser setPassword:@"111111"];
[newUser setDisplayName:@"John Smith"];
[newUser setEmail:@""];
[newUser signUp:^(EVUser *user, NSError *error) {

After registering a user, the server will return the Id of the registered user along with its CreatedAt date on the server. Again, exactly the same type of result as you would get when you create an item of another content type.

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