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Restrictions of Cloud Functions

Restrictions of Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions in Telerik Platform are a subject to several restrictions that come to prevent erroneous code from monopolizing system resources. You need to be aware of them when writing and executing Cloud Functions.

  • Maximum execution time—The maximum execution time is 10 seconds. Code execution is aborted if it does not complete within this period and a timeout error is returned to the client. When designing your code, ensure that it can complete in a timely manner.
  • Maximum definition time—The maximum time for executing the code's JavaScript definition. Before we execute the onRequest function we parse the entire JavaScript file that holds the Cloud Code. This must complete in 10 seconds otherwise execution is stopped.
  • Maximum timeouts—Your code will be disabled if it times out (exceeds the "Maximum execution time") frequently. Frequent timeouts are typically caused by erroneous logic in your code.
  • Maximum number of timeouts—In case your code times out 100 times within 30 minutes, it will be disabled permanently. Conforming Cloud Code for other content types and Cloud Functions will continue to operate.

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