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Viewing Data Link Server Logs

Viewing Data Link Server Logs

To troubleshoot and identify possible issues with your Data Link Server instance, you can inspect the log files.

The Data Link Server is writing to two log files:

  • Operation log—Depending on the log level, this file can contain anything from error messages to every single request made to the Data Link Server. It is named datalink.log.
  • Service log—Contains information about the state of the system service/process. It is named differently depending on the OS:
    • Windows: windows-service-<start-date>
    • Linux: datalynk.sys

To inspect logs stored on your Data Link Server machine, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the current installation folder of the Data Link Server.
  2. Open the logs folder.
  3. Locate the log file you are interested in.
  4. Open it with you preferred text editor.

You can control the verbosity of the operation log using the logging.level configuration option.

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