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Content Type Object Structure

Content Type Object Structure

When creating, reading, or updating content types using the Administration API you need an understanding of the fields that are contained in a content type object.

An object is created in the Telerik Platform cloud when you create a content type. Its fields are listed below.

Field Name Field Type Description Restrictions
Name Text Name of the content type. Used in the Data RESTful API to work with the type.
Unique, Identifier
Title Text Title of the content type. None
ApplicationId Id Id of the application that owns this content type. Read-only
Kind Number 1 for system types, 2 for user defined types. Read-only
CreatedAt Date and Time The time when the content type was created. Read-only
ModifiedAt Date and Time The time when the content type was last modified. Read-only

System Content Types

For every application, several system content types are created. They are necessary for features such as User Management and cannot be deleted. Those types are Users and ServerCodeLog. The system content types have their Kind property set to 1. You cannot create a custom content type using any of the system content type names.

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