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Creating a Content Type

Once you have defined a Data Connector, you can expose data from it. This is done by creating a content type based on the Data Connector.

The content type exposes a single table from your data store. Database views are also supported. Keep in mind that:

  • Content types created from database tables are CRUD-enabled
  • Content types created from database views are read-only

You can define as many content types as you need in your app. Go to Data > Types and click the Create Type from a Data Connector button at the top.

Create a Content type initial screen

For each content type, you can choose the fields (columns) you want to expose.

Tables with a single-column primary key (PK) are mapped automatically to a field called Id. In order to create a content type from a view or a table without a primary key or from a table with a multi-column primary key, it is required to manually map one of its columns to an Id field. In this case the content type is created as read-only and write operations are not possible.

Create Type From a Data Connector screen

Read-Only Fields

The read-only setting is one of the advanced settings available only for fields of content types from Data Connectors. It can be set from the Telerik Platform Portal or using the RESTful API or the .NET SDK.

Specifying a read-only field screen

Fields marked as read-only are completely excluded from any further transactions between Telerik Platform and your data store. Their values cannot be modified by anyone independent of the user role or the authentication mechanism.

You will need a read-only field in these situations:

  • When connecting to Microsoft SQL Server, mark a field mapped to a computed column as read-only to avoid an exception on each create or update operation
  • Mark a field mapped to a column calculated by a database trigger to be sure that it will not be modified by someone else
  • Mark a field as read-only to forbid the modification of its column from this content type

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