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List of Request Parameters

List of Request Parameters

You can specify optional parameters when using the Backend Services RESTful API. These parameters apply additional settings to the request or specify additional actions to be performed.

Parameters can be specified either as an HTTP header or in the request's URI query part using this syntax:{version}/{your-app-id}/{operation-specifier}?{key}={value}

where {version} is the Backend Services version that you are using, {your-app-id} is the App ID of your application, {operation-specifier} is the API operation you are requesting, {key} is the parameter name, and {value} is the URL-encoded parameter value.

You can pass multiple query parameters by delimiting them with the ampersand character (&):{version}/{your-app-id}/{operation-specifier}?{key1}={value1}&{key2}={value2}&{key3}={value3}

Table 1 lists the request parameters that you can use with the Backend Services RESTful API.

Table 1. Request Parameters Descriptions.
Header Name Query Parameter Type Description
X-Everlive-Filter filter JSON Specifies a filter expression for data operations. See Filtering for more information.
X-Everlive-Fields fields JSON Specifies the fields to return for a READ operation.
X-Everlive-Sort sort JSON Specifies sorting criteria for READ data operations. See Sorting for more information.
X-Everlive-Skip skip Number Specifies the number of items to skip when executing a READ or DELETE operation. Used for paging. Also see: X-Everlive-Take
X-Everlive-Take take Number Specifies the number of items to return when executing a READ or DELETE operation. Used for paging. Also see: X-Everlive-Skip
X-Everlive-Include-Count includeCount Boolean Specifies whether to include the query result item count as an additional response value. Used for paging. Default value: TRUE.
X-Everlive-Single-Field singleField String Specifies a single item field to return instead of the whole item.
X-Everlive-Expand expand JSON Specifies an expand expression that defines what relations to expand when executing a READ operation. See Expand for more information.
X-Everlive-Power-Fields powerFields JSON (Deprecated) Defines one or more power fields.
X-Everlive-Override-System-Fields overrideSystemFields Boolean When set to TRUE, values for CreatedAt, ModifiedAt, CreatedBy, and ModifiedBy can be supplied with the update operation. If FALSE, the server ignores the specified values and assigns values automatically. Default is FALSE.
X-Everlive-Disable-Custom-Code disableCustomCode Boolean Specifies not to execute any cloud code that may result from fulfilling the request. Cannot be used with cloud functions. Only works with Master authentication.
X-Everlive-Custom-Parameters customParameters JSON Specifies custom data that can be used within the cloud code.
X-Everlive-Debug debug Boolean Specifies that any cloud code resulting from the request must be processed with debugging turned on.
X-Everlive-Response-Content-Type responseContentType String Specifies the content type of the HTTP response. The accepted values are “json” or “xml”.
X-Everlive-Respond-With-Attachment respondWithAttachment Boolean If set to TRUE, the response body is sent as an attachment instead of inline. Default is FALSE.
X-Everlive-Aggregate aggregate JSON Specifies aggregation and grouping expressions. See Data Aggregation and Grouping for more information.

Table 2 lists what parameters are available in different Backend Services RESTful API request types.

Table 2. Parameters Available for Different Requests.
Request Supported Query Parameters
All requests responseContentType, respondWithAttachment
All data requests* disableCustomCode, customParameters, debug
Create requests overrideSystemFields
Read requests filter, sort, fields, skip, take, includeCount, singleField, expand, powerFields
Update requests filter, overrideSystemFields
Delete requests filter
* Data requests are all CRUD requests to custom or built-in content types. Built-in content types include: Users, Files, Devices, and Notifications.
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