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Data Connectors Object Fields Reference

Data Connectors Object Fields Reference

When creating, reading, or updating Data Connectors using the Backend Services .NET SDK you need an understanding of the fields that are contained in a Data Connectors object.

This following table shows information about the fields of a relational databases data connectors object.

The following table lists the fields that you need to set when creating or updating Data Connectors to relational databases. The read operation returns additional fields such as CreatedAt that are not user settable. These are marked as Read-only.

Name Type Description Restrictions
Name Text The name of the Data Connector. Example: MySQLDb Unique, Identifier
Title Text Optional. A more descriptive name of the Data Connector. If skipped, it is automatically set to match Name. None
Url Text The address of the Data Link Server. Example: None
ConnectionString Text A database-specific connection string.
Example: Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDB;User=myUsername;Password=myPassword;
Type Number The type of the Data Connector: Miscrosoft SQL Server (1), Oracle (2), MySQL (3), or PostgreSQL (4). None
ApplicationId Id Id of the application that owns this Data Connector. Read-only
CreatedAt Date and Time The time when the Data Connector was created. Read-only
ModifiedAt Date and Time The time when the Data Connector was last modified. Read-only

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