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Introduction to Targeting and Sending

Introduction to Targeting and Sending

There are various ways to send push notifications using Telerik Platform. Which one you are going to choose depends on what devices you are targeting, whether you prefer working with a graphical user interface (GUI) or writing code, and other factors. Each sending method allows you to specify a subset of devices to target with a push notification.

Note that some targeting options are available only in some subscription tiers. Ineligible tiers receive an error when using them.

Before you start sending push notifications ensure that the target devices are properly registered with Telerik Platform.

To learn about the request for sending push notifications or how to use the GUI to send push notifications, continue to Sending Push Notifications.

To customize a push notification before sending it, you need to construct a notification object to pass to the send request. The various notification object parameters allow you to specify the message to be displayed, sending time, vendor-specific options, and so on. For the full list of options, see Push Notification Object Field Reference. You can also use the GUI to define options if you decide to send from the Telerik Platform portal.

A major function of the notification object is targeting subsets of devices. Learn how to use it in Targeting Push Notifications.

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