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Security is an important aspect when connecting business-critical data to the cloud. Telerik Platform is designed with security in mind, but to take advantage of it to the fullest, you need to ensure that your database application is set up according to the best practices.

Transport-Level Security

When you use Data Connectors to read data, this data is transferred from your data store to the Data Link Server and then to Telerik Platform. The data goes the other way around when you are inserting or updating items.

Transport-level security (TLS) is about securing the data while it travels through the transport protocol between the different parts of the system.

Normally, the Data Link Server will be in the same private network as the data store, so we assume that this communication is secure. Some databases might allow additional security by modifying the connection string, which is supported with Data Connectors as well.

The other part of the transport, the communication between Telerik Platform and the Data Link Server, is not considered secure. The data is transferred through a public network.

To secure this part of the communication, you can configure SSL encryption in the Data Link Server:

Server-to-Server Authentication

Authentication is another important part of the security system. It is important that only your own Telerik Platform app can communicate with your Data Link Server.

If someone finds out the URL where your Data Link Server lives, they should not be able to access your data or change the configuration with malicious intents. To achieve that you can configure server-to-server authentication as explained in these sections:

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