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Make a request to the current Backend Services JavaScript SDK instance.

Return Type

function - The request configuration object containing the send function that sends the request.


Parameter Name Type Default Description
options object Object used to configure the request.
[options.endpoint] object The endpoint of the Backend Services JavaScript API relative to the App ID section. (For example, options.endpoint = MyType will make a request to the MyType type.)
[options.method] HttpMethod HTTP request method.
[] object Data to be sent with the request.
[options.success] function Success callback that will be called when the request finishes successfully.
[options.error] function Error callback to be called in case of an error.
[options.headers] object Additional headers to be included in the request.
[options.filter] Query / object This is either a Query or a filter expression.
[options.authHeaders] boolean true When set to false, no Authorization headers will be sent with the request.
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