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Introduction to Progress AppManager

Progress AppManager is a mobile app management solution that lets you easily and securely manage and distribute Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps to your end users or testers. It is a private app store in which you can:

  • Deploy, manage and update your apps in a secure environment.
  • Create user groups to control access to different apps.
  • Manage your users and monitor the list of devices that they register in your store.
  • Choose between a number of different ways for distributing apps to users: the AppManager mobile app, a mobile web catalog, using email distribution, or through a public link.

How Does It Work?

App distribution is managed via a portal (the App Distribution Portal) where you can upload and manage apps, invite and manage users and configure the AppManager notifications. When your apps are ready for publishing, you can choose between a few ways to distribute them to your users:

  • AppManager mobile app - an app available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android that lets users browse, install, and rate the available apps. The AppManager mobile app provides the best user experience and the full range of the AppManager features.
  • AppManager web catalog - a mobile web catalog that users can open in their mobile web browsers to view and install apps.
  • Email distribution - a simple way to deliver your app packages to users through email.
  • Unauthenticated distribution - an option to distribute your app using a link that does not require user authentication.

This documentation site includes instructions for using the App Distribution Portal and the different distribution options that come with it. To get started, you can follow the First Steps links below.

First Steps

You can get started with AppManager by following the getting started guides.

For App Distribution Portal:

For AppManager email distribution:

For AppManager mobile web catalog:

For AppManager mobile app:

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