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Request Support from the AppBuilder Team

To get help from the AppBuilder team, you need to submit a support ticket. Use support tickets to get help with technical and developmental issues such as problems when running the AppBuilder clients, tools and services or when you are unable to use a feature of AppBuilder or the supported frameworks and services.

For issues with licensing, contact sales at

The team reviews and responds to all support tickets. The time for a response is determined by your current subscription plan. For more information about subscription plans, see AppBuilder Pricing.

Submitting support tickets has the following limitations.

  • You cannot submit a support ticket if your subscription plan does not provide personal support.
  • You can request support only for issues related to AppBuilder.

Submitting support tickets has the following benefits.

  • Requests are assigned a time for response.
  • Response by the AppBuilder support team is guaranteed.
  • Support tickets are private.


  1. In your browser, navigate to the AppBuilder website.
  2. Click YOUR ACCOUNT.
  3. If you are prompted to log in, use the same login provider you use with AppBuilder.
  4. Click HI, <USER NAME>Support Tickets.
  5. Click Contact Support Team.
  6. Review your support information and click Submit support ticket.
  7. Complete the form.
    You can follow this workflow to ensure that you have provided the information that the support team needs. Providing complete and accurate information in your support ticket might significantly speed up the response process.

  8. Click Send.

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