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Information Resources

When you encounter an issue, you can browse the AppBuilder information resources for a solution. If you cannot resolve or work around the problem, you can request assistance from the AppBuilder community or the AppBuilder support team.

Product Documentation

The product documentation provides installation information, quick examples and articles related to product features. If you need to find your way around AppBuilder, you can start by browsing the documentation website. If you are looking for the solution to a problem, see the Troubleshooting section.


The AppBuilder blogs provide tips and tricks from the product development team. If you need suggestions for performance enhancement or application architecture or if you are looking for product, framework and features overviews, browse the blogs.

Videos and Demos

The AppBuilder collection of videos and demos consists of product introductions, tutorials and recorded webinars. If you need a quick start with AppBuilder, you can review the Videos and Demos section on the AppBuilder website.

Templates and Sample Apps

The AppBuilder templates and sample apps show how to use Apache Cordova and the supported frameworks and services to create your application. If you need to learn how to implement the most common Apache Cordova APIs to access device services and sensors, create your app by cloning a sample app. If you want to learn how to use the frameworks and services that AppBuilder supports, you can create your app from one of the predefined templates.

Code Library

In the code library, AppBuilder users share code samples, apps and knowledge about AppBuilder and mobile development. If you need ideas how to implement a feature in your app or if you want to share your approach to app development, visit the Show your code section in the forums.

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