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Get Support for AppBuilder

This tutorial is intended for beginner and experienced AppBuilder users who have encountered an issue in AppBuilder and cannot continue their work. You will learn:

  • What types of support are available
  • How to request support
  • How to help the AppBuilder team assist you

If you encounter technical, developmental or licensing issues when working with AppBuilder, you can use the AppBuilder support system to find a solution or report the problems. The support system provides you with information resources and assistance. You can get assistance from the AppBuilder community and the AppBuilder support team.

Step 1: Browse the support resources

The AppBuilder support system provides a number of support resources which you can browse for solutions to your problem. You can apply the suggested workarounds and continue your work without submitting a support request.

  • Review the list of known issues for the latest release.
    The list outlines problems that users have already encountered or that the AppBuilder team is aware of.
  • Browse the troubleshooting section of the documentation.
    This section contains Scenarios and Tutorials related to specific challenges that users have already encountered.
  • Search the forums.
    Browse or search the forums to check if other users have reported your issue. They might have received assistance from other community members or from the AppBuilder support team.

Step 2: Submit a support request

If you cannot find a solution to your problem in the support resources, you need to submit a support request. Your current subscription plan determines the level of support assistance that you can receive. For more information about subscription plans, see Buy AppBuilder.

Ask for assistance in the forums

In the forums, you can ask for assistance for technical, developmental and general issues. When you submit a support request in the forums, you can receive feedback from other community members. The AppBuilder support team might also assist you.

Post your issue only once in the most relevant section. Make sure to provide a detailed description of the issue, including steps to reproduce, stack traces, code snippets and logs, where applicable.

Submit a support ticket

If your subscription plan covers personal support, you can submit a support ticket.

You can follow this workflow to ensure that you have provided the information that the support team needs. Providing complete and accurate information in your support ticket might significantly speed up the response process.

Contact the sales team

If your issue is related to your subscription plan, you need to contact the AppBuilder sales team. Send an email to sales at Make sure to include detailed information about your account and your current subscription, provide steps to reproduce and add videos or screenshots, if applicable.

Next Steps

Continue writing your code.

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