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Known Issues in the Universal Desktop Client

Product version: AppBuilder 3.7.5

Released: August 23, 2017

Check frequently for updates and additions to this list.

If you identify an issue that is not on the list, use our forums to report it. You can also browse the community to check for other issues that might not have made it into this list.

The universal desktop client is known to have the following issues.

The universal desktop client is known to have the following issues from earlier releases.

  • In the universal desktop client, the Bower section in the Manage Packages wizard cannot be loaded and the following error message appears: Package retrieval timed out..
    Workaround: Close and then reopen the Manage Packages dialog and try again.

  • When you develop a NativeScript + TypeScript app, some operations might cause the universal desktop client to hang. For example, migrating between NativeScript versions or compiling large TS files to JS.
    Workaround: Restart the universal desktop client.

  • When you attempt to install or update the universal desktop client or the classic Windows desktop client on Windows systems, a message that AppBuilder is untrusted or not commonly downloaded might appear.
    Recently, Windows has started enforcing authenticode code signing and timestamping of third-party applications. This breaking change causes Windows Smartscreen to issue warnings for multiple third-party programs, including AppBuilder.
    Workaround: Click Run anyway and proceed with the AppBuilder installation.

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