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Export Your Existing Certificate from Your Mac

This troubleshooting tutorial is intended for existing iOS developers who need to configure AppBuilder to code sign their apps. You will learn:

  • How to export a certificate from your Mac system
  • How to import a cryptographic identity in AppBuilder


You are an existing iOS developer working on a macOS system and your certificate for development or production is stored in Keychain Access on your Mac. You do not want or cannot create a new certificate in the iOS Dev Center.

You have downloaded the CER file for the certificate from the iOS Dev Center but your attempts to import it in AppBuilder are unsuccessful.


In AppBuilder, you need a certificate and its matching certificate request to create a new cryptographic identity. To import an existing cryptographic identity, you need a P12 file.


To continue using your existing cryptographic identity for code signing your apps in AppBuilder, you need to export the cryptographic identity from your Mac system and import it in AppBuilder.

  1. Locate your Developer ID and cryptographic identity.
    Run Keychain Access on your Mac system. You can find Keychain Access in /Applications/Utilities. Your cryptographic identity is stored under My Certificates in the login keychain. Locating your cryptographic identity within Keychain Access
  2. Right-click your cryptographic identity and select Export. Exporting your cryptographic identity
  3. Store your cryptographic identity.
    From the File Format drop-down menu, select Personal Information Exchange (.p12) and save the P12 file to disk. Saving the exported identity to disk
  4. Transfer the P12 file to the system on which you are running AppBuilder.
  5. Import your cryptographic identity in AppBuilder.
    From the Options dialog in AppBuilder, import the P12 file. If the file is password-protected, AppBuilder will prompt you to enter the password.
    For more information, see Import Your Existing Cryptographic Identity in AppBuilder

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