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AppBuilder LiveSync with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10-inch Tablet

AppBuilder LiveSync lets you deploy an app in development to one or more devices and see the changes made in real-time in both the integrated device simulator and across all connected devices without having to recompile. In order for LiveSync to work, your development environment must be able to communicate with the device. For Android devices, this requires communication using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This video shows you how to set up your development environment to enable LiveSync between classic Windows desktop client and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" tablet.

What to Do

  1. Install the Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows
  2. Enable Debug Mode on the device
  3. Optionally verify with ADB
  4. Connect your device

Install the Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows

Download and install the Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows. This is the driver package for many of the Samsung devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note and other smartphones and tablets in the Galaxy product line.

Enable debug mode on the device

For any device that will be communicating over the ADB, you need to enable USB Debugging. On the Galaxy Note 10.1" this setting is found in SettingsDeveloper Options. Check the box for USB Debugging to enable it.

For device running Android v2.*.*, you might need to ensure USB Storage mode is not enabled. You can verify this by swiping down from the top once the device is connected via USB. There will be a Connect USB storage button at the bottom of the screen. If USB Storage is enabled, a Disconnect storage from PC button at the bottom will be shown. Press the button to disable USB Storage.

Verify with ADB (optional)

When you install classic Windows desktop client, the installation package includes the Android Debug Bridge, which is used for LiveSync communication between classic Windows desktop client and the devices. You can use ADB in a command line to verify that your Galaxy Note is visible to ADB.

  1. Open a command line and navigate to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\ADB.
  2. Type adb devices

You should see a device ID for your Galaxy Note.

Connect your device

When you create or open an app in AppBuilder and the Galaxy Note 10.1" is connected, you should see it in the Devices list.

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