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AppBuilder 3.7.1 Release Notes

Product version: AppBuilder 3.7.1

Released: April 11, 2017

AppBuilder 3.7.1 is an update release. For a list of the new features and updates introduced in the earlier major release, AppBuilder 3.7, see AppBuilder 3.7 Release Notes.

Major Features and Updates

  • Hybrid Development: The templates and the samples now target Apache Cordova 6.4.0
    Newly created projects now target Apache Cordova 4.3.1 for iOS, Apache Cordova 6.1.0 for Android and Apache Cordova 3.8.2 for Windows Phone.

  • Enable Install Hooks for Cordova Plugins
    AppBuilder now respects the before-install and after-install hooks in all Apache Cordova plugins.

  • Test apps developed with Apache Cordova 6.4.0 in the Cordova developer app
    The Android and iOS Cordova developer apps and the AppBuilder Companion app for Windows Phone now target Apache Cordova 6.4.0. After you update the developer app, you will begin to see warnings if your app does not target Apache Cordova 6.4.0. You can ignore the warnings and continue testing your app but it might no longer behave as expected.

Notable Resolved Issues

  • In the extension for Visual Studio, if the archived size of your app is greater than 50 MB, you cannot connect it with the cloud.

  • In the classic Windows desktop client, you cannot import archives larger than 50 MB.

  • When you run an Apache Cordova 6.4.0 app in the device simulator, the following error message appears in the console: local://simulator/plugins/cordova-plugin-file/www/browser/isChrome.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).

  • You cannot clone the Friends sample app in the in-browser client. The process cannot complete and the following error message appears: Could not create service 'bs-api' for the application.

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