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Icenium 1.3 Release Notes

Build (2013.1.319.1)


Cordova v2.4 support

Cordova 2.4 support. All new apps are targeting Cordova v2.4. Ion has also been updated to use this version. All new v2.3 and v2.4 APIs are accessible (e.g. InAppBrowser).

PushPlugin support

The PushPlugin allows push notifications on both Android and iOS devices. It is not supported in Ion.

Ability to flag applications as iPhone or iPad only

An application now can be flagged as iPhone or iPad only on the iOS Properties screen.

Usability improvements

  • Progress indicators for operations that can take longer time such as deleting an app, importing, exporting certificates, adding files from archive, etc. have been added.
  • Added user name (email) in Version Control history.

Added zipalign procedure to Android release builds

Add zipalign procedure to Android release builds.


Publish wizard

The new Publish wizard lets users publish their app to Google Play/Apple Store without leaving Icenium. For more details, see Distributing Your App.

Improved performance for client/server operations

The performance of long running operations is significantly improved. The number of client/server requests is minimized through batching.

HTTP proxy support

Added the ability to input proxy server credentials in Graphite.

Three finger/menu button sync with Graphite

Added the ability to use three finger/menu button sync with Graphite.

Usability improvements

  • Improved notifications when in the local repository there are pending changes that need to be committed.
  • Added a Clear All button to the existing iOS Pairing settings pane.
  • Added a Close button for the device tabs.
  • Progress indicator has been added when opening a file during synchronization.
  • Conflict resolution dialog allows resolving client/server file content mismatch.


Simulator support for Mac OSX Safari

The Simulator can now run under Mac OSX Safari.

Camera support in the Simulator

The camera object provides access to default cameran application of the device. See more details.

Usability improvements

  • App name is suggested based on clone URL.
  • Tabbing cycle inside of dialogs has been added.
  • Filtering sample apps by name has been enabled.
  • QR codes are now easier to scan because they are generated with shorter URLs.
  • Descriptions in Create New App dialog have been added.


Migrated to Cordova 2.4

Ion has been updated to use Cordova 2.4.

Pull-sync an app

Ion can now pull-sync an app after it has been synced by Graphite.

Notable bug fixes

  • Mist - The validator for repositories blocks repositories with names that contain underscore "_".
  • Graphite - Find next/previous shortcuts do not work when the find dialog is not open.
  • Android app is not responding until splash screen times out, despite the removed splash.
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