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Icenium 1.2 Release Notes

Build (2013.1.205.1)


Two new Cordova plugins are now supported - Barcode Scanner and SQLite

In addition to the ChildBrowser plugin, Icenium now supports the Barcode Scanner plugin and SQLite. Ion supports all three plugins - if you have previously installed Ion, you will need to reinstall it. Two new sample apps that illustrate the Barcode Scanner and SQLite plugin usage have been added.

Android splash screen support

Added the option to set a splash screen for Android in app properties

Large files upload enabled

The limitation of 2MB has been removed

Kendo UI Mobile templates updated

to the latest SP (2012.3.1315)

Key shortcuts list added

A screen that lists all available key shortcuts has been added to both Mist and Graphite. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + ? will show it.

iOS application display name added

iOS application display name has been added in app properties


A new Publish wizard allows users to publish their app to Google Play/Apple Store without leaving Icenium.

For more details, see Distributing Your App

Improved Run on Device workflow

For more details, see Run on Device

Replace functionality in the code editor

You can open the Find & Replace dialog with expanded Replace by pressing Ctrl + H;

Additional improvements in the Code Editor

  • Move selected lines up/down (Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down)
  • Smart New Line command (Ctrl + Enter)

For more information, see Using the Code Editor in Mist.

The application's title bar in the simulator reflects the device version

The application's title bar in the simulator properly reflects the styling of the simulated device version


Support for Kendo templates:

Full code analysis support including syntax highlighting, code navigation and other enhancements.

Toggle LiveSync in the device list

Added the ability to switch LiveSync on and off for each device in the device list

Support for camera API in the simulator

Camera API is now supported in the simulator

Various improvements in the Code Editor:

  • Shift+Del and Shift+Insert commands added
  • Autocomplete improvements

Code navigation history

Code navigation history has been enabled

Notable bug fixes

  • Click/Touch event fires twice in simulator.
  • Android build output is not cleared upon a new build.
  • An empty folder is not synchronized back if local folder is deleted - this causes the simulator in Graphite to crash.
  • Icenium Ion sometimes might not refresh using three-finger gesture.
  • Adding a splash screen for Android corrupts existing apps (makes them unable to export and causes Graphite Simulator malfunction).
  • Using require.js library causes the simulator to malfunction.
  • Icenium Graphite will not load properly if Json.NET library is installed in GAC.
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