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Icenium 1.0 Release Notes

Build number: 2012.3.1019.3

Cordova Plugins

We have listened carefully for your requests and we saw that one coming from many places so here you have it - support for Cordova Plugins. Installing a plugin is as easy as clicking on a toggle switch in the app properties, which adds a reference for the plugin asset files (scripts, styles, etc.) in the app navigator. The best thing is that you don't have to worry for the native part of the plugin, because it is compiled for you in the Icenium Cloud Compiler Service.

Debug on iOS 6 devices

Debugging on an actual physical device was also one of your most requested features, so we did not stay idle in this area as well. The introduction of iOS 6 and its ability to debug web apps with Web Inspector Remote the door has been opened for you. If you have a compatible iOS device connected, Icenium Graphite will detect it and provide you with the ability to attach to these devices using the familiar debug tools found in the simulator.

GitHub integration

Sharing code and collaborating with others is vital for any software app out there. In this release, we have further integrated with GitHub allowing you to clone your existing repositories and invite collaborators straight from Icenium Graphite, so that you do not have to leave your favorite mobile development environment.



App Templates Refresh

  • Blank app template has been updated to use the new Hello World Cordova App.
  • jQuery Mobile app template has been updated to use version 1.1.1 of the framework.
  • Kendo UI Mobile app template has been updated to use version 2012 Q2 SP of the framework.

Import and Export of App and Files

We have added ability to export your app from the app list. You can also import many files and folders via the "Add From Archive" functionality available in the app navigator.

Unified theme for code colorization

We have unified the code editor theme between both clients. Expect ability to change the color theme in the future.

Tiny Improvements

  • Progress indication when a mobile app (debug build) is initially started (unpacked) on a device.
  • Ability to change version code and version name for Android.


Debug on iOS 6 devices via Web Inspector Remote

  • Graphite can now access the iOS 6 Web Inspector for Mobile Safari and hybrid apps.
  • Support for Web Inspector features such as element inspector, JavaScript breakpoints and network requests.

Web Inspector view in Devices pane Web Inspector in action

Simulator Improvements

  • Status bar and orientation properties set for the app are applied in the simulator.
  • Added a refresh button.

Version Control Improvements

  • My Apps indicates if an app is cloned from GitHub or BitBucket. There is also a visual indicator for an app's kind: public or private.

GitHub integration

  • Clone shows a list of user's GitHub repositories.
  • Add/Remove collaborators for repository.

Merge UI

We have extended our diff tool to support three way merge for conflicts resolution. You also have the ability to choose the version you want to resolve to: local, workspace or remote.

Code Editor Improvements

New Key Bindings

  • Expand/Collapse code foldings: Single (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M), All (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L)
  • Locate/Reveal in Project Navigator (Shift+Alt+L)
  • Comment/Uncomment Code: Line (Ctrl+/), Block (Ctrl+Shift+/)

Input Support for Chinese Symbols (IME)

Users can now input hieroglyphic characters using the standard Windows IME.

Item Properties

We have added ability to find out properties for some items in the app navigator. Currently we display item properties for image files as well as Cordova plugins, but we plan to expand the support with more file types in the future. Properties can be viewed by clicking on the wrench icon next to the app item name. Image Item Properties



New publish functionality added packaging for Google Play and App Store.

HTTPS Support

We extended the use of secure communication beyond service calls to all pages but one. The simulator is served via HTTP to allow debugging without security warnings when referencing external resources.

Version Control Improvements

Revert (Undo) Changes

Users can now revert their changes by selecting Revert. This means that all changes which took place since the last commit will be undone.

Preview Changes in Commit Dialog

Users can review their changes before they commit them to the repository. It can be easily determined which lines of code are added, modified or deleted. Furthermore, users can set a context, which determines how many lines should be displayed above and below a changed line.


Users can trace all the changesets which are committed since the creation of the app they are working on. In addition, they can rollback to an arbitrary changeset.

Simulator Improvements

New simulators - Android Tablet and iPad

Scaling (Zoom In/Out)

Users can now zoom in/out the simulated device. Thus, tablets can fit to page instead of being scrolled.

Properties Improvements

All properties available in Graphite are now supported by Mist.

Android Code Signing Identity

In order to build an application for publishing in an Android specific store, the user needs to select the proper certificate (code signing identity).

Image properties

Now the user is able to upload images for both iOS and Android packages. Replaceable icons for iPhone and iPad and splash screens for the same devices are available. Users can also change the icons for the Android devices.

Application Version and Android Version Code

The Application Version is a general property marking the version of the app. While the Android Version Code is an integer marking the new version of packages for the Android-specific app stores.

Cordova Plugins

Through the "Plugins" panel, users are now able to set Cordova plugins to be used within the app. Currently only Child Browser plugin is available.

Code Editor Improvements

Code Foldings

Although code folding was added in the previous version of Icenium Mist, now the proper visual indication is added - the collapsible places are shown on hover of the line-number strip (at the left in the code editor). Collapsible signs hide after leaving the line-number strip, while the collapsed areas are always shown (pluses are never hidden).

Known Issues

  • Rsync error might appear on random basis when building for iOS devices. Workaround: Issue another build.
  • Added empty folders cannot be reverted.
  • Cannot add large files.
  • Apps created with Cordova 1.7 cannot be built for 2.0. Workaround: Export those, create an empty new app and import them back in. This might affect existing Beta 1 users.
  • Creating folders named "content" leads to incorrect unpacking on first start. Workaround is not to create folders named "content" until a fix is available in a future release.
  • Mist: After app deployment via QR code and Ad Hoc provision on iOS device, the app icon is not shown on the home screen. Workaround: Restart the device or install the app via iTunes.
  • Mist: When app name has upper case chars, Code Signing Identity (iOS and Android) selection is properly persisted on the server (and visible in Graphite), but not properly applied in Mist.
  • Graphite: Three-finger refresh is not working for apps deployed through Graphite, if the name contains whitespace, period or other character that need to be URL encoded. Workaround: Use LiveSync to see your changes or use Ion.
  • Graphite: Sometimes an error can be logged when working with connected iOS devices. Workaround: If LiveSync stopped working, disconnect the device and plug it back in.
  • Graphite: Simulator does not support audio and video tags.
  • Graphite: Simulator might not render correctly with non-standard DPI.
  • Graphite: Adding multiple files via drag-n-drop does not show progress.
  • Graphite: When using the Publish dialog, the button Build is always active. If there are any failing checks, the button should be disabled.
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