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Icenium Beta 2 Release Notes

Build number: 2012.2.808.4

App Publishing Assistance

A major new addition to Icenium is the ability to create packages ready for publishing. Currently, you can prepare builds for App Store and Google Play. Creating a release package is as simple as right-clicking on an app and selecting Publish. Publish an app

Collaboration Support

Icenium extends its current version control support with several new abilities. Cloning, pushing and pulling from and to remote Git repository (GitHub, BitBucket, etc.) has been added to the product. This allows multiple users to collaborate on a single app. Clone a git app from URL

Cordova 2.0 Support

Being on the edge of new technologies, we have updated all Icenium app templates to use the latest version of Cordova 2.0. We have also made our Cordova connection explicit. Cordova



Cordova 2.0

All app templates have been updated to the latest Cordova version (2.0). Existing apps will continue to work but with an older Cordova version (1.7). Apart from updating the default app templates, we have further extended the way we package Cordova assets. If you create a new 2.0 app you will see that Cordova script files are right there in the Project Navigator. Our bundling pipeline is smart enough to include the right script for each particular mobile platform.

Kendo UI Mobile Q2 2012

Default Kendo app template has been updated to the latest official version (Q2 2012). See all the Kendo UI mobile widgets and additions here.

SSL Services

All calls to Icenium services are now done over HTTPS to ensure secure data transfer.


App Publishing Wizard

App Store

Users can now build, sign and download IPA packages compatible with iTunes Connect and Application Loader.

Google Play

Users can now build, sign and download APK packages compatible with Google Play.

Version Control Collaboration Improvements

Cloning a remote repository

Users have the option to start a new app by cloning from an existing remote Git repository (GitHub, BitBucket, etc.). This option is immediately available when starting Icenium in the Dashboard page. After a successful clone operation, all subsequent push and pull operations are automatically directed to that remote repository. It is also possible to change the default remote Git repository for the current app at any time.

Pulling and pushing changes

Pulling and pushing to an existing remote Git repository is implemented as a part of the version control collaboration support. In the simplest case, when the current app is created by cloning from an existing remote Git repository, all push and pull operations are automatically directed to that repository and users are asked only to supply valid login credentials. It is also possible to push a newly created app by specifying a valid URL to an existing empty Git repository. At the present moment, the empty repository must be created manually by the user. The specified URL is preserved and used automatically for all subsequent push and pull operations until changed explicitly by the user.

Merging conflicts

Pulling and pushing to a remote repository can produce conflicts with existing changes made by other users. Usually, Git merges concurrent changes made by different users automatically, however, there are scenarios when certain conflicting changes have to be merged manually. In such cases, the push operation would fail on the remote repository and a pull operation must be performed first, in order to resolve the conflicts locally. After performing the pull operation, the files that have conflicts are marked with explanation marks in the Project Navigator. For convenience, the Version Control dialog contains an additional tab showing all conflicts and allowing you to resolve them manually. At the present moment, it is only possible to resolve conflicts by accepting either the local or the remote changes. Providing a dedicated three-way merge tool is planned for a future release of the product.

Code Editor Improvements

Code Folding

We received a lot of requests for code folding inside the code editor. This has been implemented in this release.

Restructuring Developer Identity and Certificates

Multiple identities

This release of Icenium adds the notion of the cryptographic identity: the combination of a private key and a certificate. Users can now add multiple cryptographic identities.

Self-signed identity

Users have the option of generating a self-signed identity. This generates a 2048-bit RSA key pair and a public certificate. Android code signing and app publishing support self-signed identities.

Developer Profile

The meaning of Developer Profile has changed in this release. A Developer Profile is now the combination of a cryptographic identity and mobile provision needed to sign an iOS application.

Device Capabilities

  • You can add and remove Android permissions and change the status bar for iOS. You can also select the supported app orientations in the app properties screen.

Paired iOS Device

Users can see a list of all iOS devices Graphite has paired with. Graphite can now "forget" about a device.

Switching Opened Files


Version Control Improvements

Version Control State Icons in Project Navigator

Users can now see icons for current version control file status in the workspace navigator.

Commit Window

Changes made to files in the workspace can now be committed inside the local repository of the user.

Code Editor Improvements

Code Indentation

Tab and Shift+Tab now properly indent and unindent selection.

Known Issues

  • Rsync error might appear on random basis when building for iOS devices. Workaround: Issue another build.
  • Mist: After app deployment via QR code and Ad Hoc provision on iOS device, the app icon is not shown on the home screen. Workaround: Restart the device or install the app via iTunes.
  • Mist: In Mozilla Firefox, the upload indicator hangs when adding provision or certificate.
  • Graphite: Simulator might hang while debugging and pressing F10. Workaround: Use the toolbar icon for stepping over.
  • Graphite: Simulator does not support audio and video tags.
  • Graphite: Code editor does not support Chinese symbols.
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