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AppBuilder 3.5.1 Release Notes

Product version: AppBuilder 3.5.1

Released: October 6, 2016

AppBuilder 3.5.1 is an update release. For a list of the new features and updates introduced in the earlier major release, AppBuilder 3.5, see AppBuilder 3.5 Release Notes.

This release introduces the following features and improvements.

This release resolves the following issues.

  • Multiple issues in the in-browser client.

    • When you use the device simulator, saving changes to a TypeScript file causes the device simulator to refresh before TypeScript is compiled to JavaScript.

    • When you develop a TypeScript app, opening a JavaScript file breaks the TypeScript to JavaScript compilation until the browser is refreshed.

    • When you develop a TypeScript app and build an application package, AppBuilder transpiles and creates any missing JavaScript files but does not include them in the application package.

    • If the transpiled JavaScript files are missing from your app, TypeScript to JavaScript compilation is very slow.

    • When you open a NativeScript app developed with TypeScript, the DevTools (F12 for Chrome) shows a list of validation errors. For example: Error: Could not find file: 'file:///Angular2/app/app.component.js'.

    • In Apache Cordova 5.2.0 apps, the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK is not available.

    • The Kendo UI auto-completion does not work.

    • Multiple sporadic issues that cause the user interface or the browser to become unresponsive.

  • Multiple issues in the command-line interface.

    • For Angular 2-based NativeScript apps, the appbuilder livesync android command cannot complete and returns the following error message: unable to resolve usbLiveSyncService.

    • When you run appbuilder livesync with the --watch flag, the operation does not compile any modified TypeScript files to JavaScript.

    • When you try to initialize an Ionic-based project for development using the appbuilder init command, the operation cannot complete and the following error message appears: Cannot read property 'plugin' of null.

  • When you use wildcard mobile provisions, you cannot publish to the App Store.

  • You cannot upload apps which contain the Keychain verified plugin to iTunes Connect.

  • You cannot build Apache Cordova 5.2.0 apps with enabled Keyboard core plugin. The operation cannot complete and returns the following error message: Failed to fetch plugin /home/builder/BpcTooling/Cordova3/Plugins/org.apache.cordova.labs.keyboard via registry.

  • On iOS 10 devices, Apache Cordova apps with enabled LiveSync do not load SVG images.

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